A day without Facebook

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn’t check Facebook, and to me, those are the best days. The fullest days. I removed the app from my phone months ago because I found myself checking every time I was even the slightest bit bored, but I still check it religiously (just using that word makes me realize how much I’ve prioritized a social media!). I’ve got to give credit to Brandon, who’s filled my life so much. It was an evening months ago when I first realized I’d had a Facebook-free day, and it made me so happy, content. With Brandon, I’ve even had a Facebook-free weekend – our first camping trip together a few weeks ago.

Yesterday Brandon and I went shopping for our Fourth of July fun. He bought a fire pit for the backyard, after I checked the township ordinances, with the plan to make s’mores after fireworks. We went grocery shopping together (and I realized how Brandon will fall into the too-good-to-resist bonus buys just as easily I). We had the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, but we also made these delicious vegetable skewers (so incredibly yummy!). One of the best things is working side by side with Brandon, partnering with him, a glimpse into our future together (I hope). I chop; he skewers. I set the table; he’s the grill master. I get the s’mores supplies ready; he lights the fire. We sit side by side holding hands watching the fireworks. And later as we held hands by the fire, I realized I’d had another Facebook-free day.

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