In like a lion…

I feel like this popular saying for the month of March matches well with my Slice of Life writing habits.  I started out strong, never missing a day, but in the last week I’ve teetered out a little bit.

For my first Slice of Life, I feel like I’ve learned a lot.  I originally chose to participate because I wanted to do what I ask of my students.  For the past two Aprils, my students have participated in Script Frenzy, which challenges students to write a script in 30 days and write everyday.  I wanted to introduce it this year and say to them, “I did it! I wrote everyday in March.”  While I didn’t write everyday, I learned the challenge.  I also really enjoyed sitting down each evening and reflecting on my day and asking myself, “What stood out to me today?” or “What do I remember?”  I used to (in college) write every single day, and I wanted the challenge again.

Thanks Slice of Life for the challenge, lessons, comments, and fun!

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2 Responses to In like a lion…

  1. I participate for the same reason – to practice what I preach! It has been great to write for an audience and READING blogs like yours has made my month a readerly / writerly experence! See you on Tuesday!

  2. The end of the month I had a harder time coming up with ideas. It feels so good though when you come up with that post or you read a post that really captures a thought.

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