It’s been too long

I haven’t written since Thursday!

This weekend all of my sisters were home for my sister’s bridal shower and mini bachelorette party.  Family took priority this weekend, and when it was all over, sleep took priority last night.

I love all of the stories that are shared when my family gets together.  Here’s one in honor of my sister who’s getting married.

Haley and I traveled to Paris four years ago.  We’re complete opposites in our travel styles.  I’m laid back (this isn’t often the case, but in traveling it’s true) and she’s high-strung (which is usually the case for her).  She likes to be at the airport two hours before the recommended time (I’ve had some pretty close calls in regards to being on time for flights).  She checks for her passport constantly (not to mention train schedules and subway schedules, etc.)  You get the point.

One day we were trying to enter the Metro, and I was ahead of Haley.  I put my ticket in the slot, the doors opened, and I walked through.  Haley put the ticket in the slot, and it spit it back out; she put another in, and it too was spit back out.  She went into complete panic mode.  A kind man came to her rescue.  He tried to take her back to the ticket window, but she shouted, “I can’t leave my sister! She’s on the other side!” (You’d think I was a toddler all alone in the Paris metro!)  He then tried to tell her that her tickets could’ve been demagnetized from a cell phone.  She cried, “But I don’t have a cell phone with me!” He asked if she had anything in her purse with a magnet.  Aha! Haley pulled out her complimentary Eiffel Tower magnet that she received before leaving on her flight from Pittsburgh (the day she left, the Pittsburgh airport was having a celebration for Delta’s new nonstop service to Paris).  Attached to the magnet were several Metro tickets.  “Do you mean like this?” Yes, exactly.

I can’t remember how she got through.  Either the kind man gave her a ticket or one of hers finally worked.  At our next Metro stop, I was the one who exchanged the demagnetized tickets at the ticket window.

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2 Responses to It’s been too long

  1. mrssurridge says:

    Oh goodness! I do all that over-reacting stuff too. In the end I’m embarrassed that I made such a big deal because I was stressed. If she’s anything like me, she was thrilled that you took over at the next stop. And, look! You have a great story to tell for a long time. If she wasn’t so high-strung, you wouldn’t have a story! (That’s the excuse I use when my sisters tell stories on me!)

  2. Betsy says:

    Oh man, what a memory. I can understand her concern but it was kind of funny hearing the voice in this story yelling, “but my sister is on the other side!” Glad it all worked out. This was a fun memory. Glad you are back to SOL too!

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